The YMCA and Education

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The YMCA and Education

Post  RobbieStuvart on Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:38 am

The non-profit organization of YMCA strengthens the community through youth development. They help children set and achieve their personal and educational goals. Children are given a chance to explore their interests and passions.
The YMCA hosts teen leadership programs such as Counselor in Training (CIT) and Leader in Training (LIT) Programs at the camp. At the camp the youth is encouraged to build leadership skills, particularly in assisting counselors with younger campers. The general skills of leadership that can be used at school, home and community are taught at the CIT and LIT programs. The young camp leaders within ages 13 and 15 are also taught to work with younger kids at the camp and include community components like volunteering at senior centers or YMCAs. The kids are given age appropriate challenges to build their skills, confidence and capacity for working with people of all ages.
College Goal Sunday is a nation-wide, volunteer driven program that hosts an annual event which provides free information and assistance to students and families in applying for financial aid for post secondary education. Many smart and talented people are not able to pursue higher education due to financial problems. Through this program the YMCA connects undeserved youth to higher education opportunities.
To guide adult leaders in helping youth identify their interests and connect those interests to volunteer and service learning projects in their community, the YMCA hosts an online web platform called YFace. It helps young people to find out what excites them, their skills and passions. An interactive survey for teens, a video wall for sharing projects and reflections and a YFace guide and resource area for adult leaders are the key tools on the site.
ali sharaf dallas, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, encourages these activities of the YMCA by funding them regularly.


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