Israel, Palestine and Zio-Nazi Forces

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Israel, Palestine and Zio-Nazi Forces

Post  Pretoria on Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:17 pm

Faruque vs Lucy Re: Israel Palestine Conflict

Israel is a racist & fascist state worst than Hitler's. Its
constitution, bureaucracy, judiciary and he whole soci-religio-
political systems are totally inconsistent with any civilised and
democratic society; even a dictatorial state. For more details Please
examine: Israeli Holocaust In Palestine: Israeli
Racist and Fascist State:

Israel depends on war and hate. Peace is no good for Israel. Zio-Nazi
media, ignorant and opportunist Israelites¡Ç inside and outside
Israel, are the real enemies of peace and stability. Sydney Lord
Mayor Lucy Turnbul has proven that she is one of the opportunist
Israelites of our time.

Oslo: A little European country brokered the Oslo Peace Accords. Both
people inside and outside Israel and Palestine were happy and
relieved as both Israel and Palestine recognised each other and it
appeared that they were seriously looking for peace.
Then came the bad news. A Jewish militant massacred 39 kneeling
worshipers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque while Israeli soldiers watched it
smiling. Yithzak Rabin was murdered by a Jewish extremist- followed
by Arial Sharon's calculated visit to provoke Palestinians- while
escorted by a few thousands police and army personal.

Camp David: The talk went on at Camp David hosted by the US President
Bill Clinton. During those talks Ehud Barak offered nothing to Yasser
Arafath- as he was lacking of gumption enough to offer anything
substantial, because he was afraid that any substantial compromise
could lead his murder by extremists like the Rabin execution. So,
Yaser Arafath had nothing to accept or reject and talks collapsed.
Professor I J Bickerton of University of NSW and many other experts
have used Israeli documents to prove that Israel offered nothing in
that talk. A series of seminars concerning Israel Palestine conflict
were hosted by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies of the
Sydney University.
Well known and respected Australian broadcaster Philip Adams has
invited plethora of Israeli and Palestinian experts and discussed the
issue and they too, reconfirmed the fact that Israel offered nothing
to Palestinians.

Now, the reality is Israelis have taken away 78% of the Palestinian
land since 1967 gradually sliced up the Occupied Palestine into 70
pieces connecting to ring roads excluding Palestinians from their
homes, farms, work, etc. These 20 000 settlers unlawfully grabbed the
Palestinian land turned Palestine into the longest running
concentration camp of this universe with a stamp of infinity.

Penultimately, what is the solution? Remove those illegal settlers
and hand over the tiny 22% land to the Palestinian or collect them
all, transport them to Auschwitchz and restart Hitler's Gas chambers
to finish them all instead of murdering them every day. Remember -
Yaser Arafath, Marwan Baguti, Hannan Ashrawi or any other Palestinian
kids are not the enemy of peace but successive Israeli governments
are! Because, peace is not good for them!! Further reading might
assist to understand the conflict and vicious politics behind the
9/11 and Mossad:

Even Zio-Nazi says, “Israel is doing immoral things”

Mike Carlton and Zio-Nazi crimes

Alan Ramsey of SMH on Dr. Ashrawi

Philip Adam the respected radio man

Lovely Margo

Peace hopes held hostage

Dr. Hannan Ashrawi in ABC TV

Zio-Nazi cowards

Alan Ramsey exposes Zio-Nazi Forces in Australia


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