Islam in America

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Islam in America

Post  Shahzad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:33 am

Explore the relationship between Islam and America through a Multimedia Interview with Imam Khalid Griggs.
History of Muslims in America.
Of all the faiths practiced in the United States, Islam is the fastest growing, the most questioned and the least understood. Who are the American Muslims? When did they start coming to the US, where did they come from and what are their ethnicities?

Why do Muslim women dress the way they do?
People often ask why it is that Muslim women dress so conservatively, and why is it so important for them to do so in today’s times. Even though history documents that other faiths have had conservative dress codes in the past, they have not all felt the need to preserve them in the 21st century. Why is the conservative Muslim dress code retained in the 21st century, and does it pose barriers for integration in society?

Does Islam contradict Western Values?
Islam is argued by some to be a strict religion whose rules and regulations clash with 21st century American life. Does the religion poses obstacles for Muslims to be accepted in society and what is the solution to this?

History of Interaction between Muslims and the West.
The events of the last decade have painted a negative image of Islam in the minds of some. What does history teach about how Muslims interacted with people of other faiths before 9/11?

Is there a common ground in values between Islam and the West?
As a result of Media coverage on Muslims across the globe, American Muslims are seen to have views and lifestyles quite different to widely accepted American values. Does Islam clash with the American way of life or are there norms and values that are shared?

Contributions of Muslims to American Society.
What are Muslim contributions to the society in which we live?

Common challenges facing Muslims and non-Muslims in the West.
Are the challenges facing the American Muslim community similar or different to the challenges faced by the rest of society?

How does the Quran tell Muslims to treat people of other faiths?
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