"Sunnis are muslimeen but not mou'mineen", what this sentence hides...

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"Sunnis are muslimeen but not mou'mineen", what this sentence hides...

Post  Shahzad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:17 am

Assalamu Aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you all for your attention and I ask you to read this message of the beginning to the end.

I propose to you here to rebound on the remarks of our imami apprentice and to reveal you what hides behind Shia rethoric:

My conclusion is that Sunni's in general are muslims, but not Mo'mineen as I have made clear if you read my Post

In his opinion, who does not believe in the imamat of one of the 12 Imams loses its believing identity but guard "its moslim identity" (sic)
(even if we know that who doesn't believe in 1 imam is a kafir and he will go to helle for eternity)http://www.kr-hcy.org/index.php?showtopic=2245

What hides this formulation ?

Something not very healthy as we always can expect it with this qawm.

This statute and this particular designation of the sunni were developed by the Shia for 2 main reasons:

1 - Mask their real faith face to face sunni: namely that they do not want to divulge publicly that they consider non-twelvers like non-believers and to disqualify their propaganda... ("our sunni brothers, we all are Moslem, disagreement between us are secondary" and all the sweet talk...”)

2 - facilitate their life and be able to start deals with non-believers in this ground here-low to whom we give by way of derogation the statute of “apparent Moslems” so that they are not too much in the narrow in this life of the fact that they are a minority living in a majority of non-believers but Moslems seemingly.

It is exactly what great scholar Al Majlissi explains, the "Seal of Muhadditeen" according to shia scholars, in its work Bihar Al Anwar, open quite large your eyes:

ويظهر من بعض الاخبار بل من كثير مينها أنهم في الدنيا أيضا في حكم الكفار لكن لما علم الله أن أئمة الجور وأتباعهم يستولون على الشيعة وهم يبتلون بمعاشر تهم ولا يمكنهم الاجتناب عنهم وترك معاشرتهم ومخالطتهم ومنا كحتهم أجرى الله عليهم حكم الاسلام توسعة ، فإذا ظهر القائم عليه السلام يجري عليهم حكم سائر الكفار في جميع الامور وفي الآخرة يدخلون النار ماكثين فيها أبدا مع الكفار ، وبه يجمع بين الاخبار كما أشار إليه المفيد والشهيد الثاني قدس الله روحهما

And it appears by these informations, or rather by these numerous hadith, that these (non-shia) are considered on earth as being legally (in the religious legal sense) non-believers, however when Allah knew that Imams of the oppression (ie Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman in fact all except non-imami) and their partisans took the power and the influence on the Shia and these latter were tried in their cohabitation with them and that they were not possible for them to avoid them, to abandon the cohabitation with them, the promiscuity and marriages with their women.

[ When Allah knew it], He decided (as Luft, favour for the Shiites) to integrate them into the circle of the Islam (he speaks here about the visible shape!!). But when Mehdi will appear, he will apply to them the legal clauses, those of the non-believers in all the domains and in the hereafter, they will go to hell eternally with the remainder of non-believers.”

Source :

Here we are, for shia and for their comfort of daily life, although in really we are non-believers, Allah by its favour and its generosity to shia, integrated us into the circle of Islam by giving us “Moslems appearance”, because for shia they became forcing to mix with us while respecting their religion. Thus Allah decided to transform us into Moslem appearance to facilitate them the life... BUT NATURALLY WHEN THE MEHDI WILL APPEAR AND IN BEYOND, THE TAQIYA WILL BE ENDED AND WE SHALL BECOME AGAIN NON-BELIEVERS AS REST OF THE NON-BELIEVERS!

other extract :

واعلم أن جمعا من علماء الامامية حكموا بكفر أهل الخلاف ، والاكثر على الحكم بإسلامهم ، فإن أرادوا بذلك كونهم كافرين في نفس الامر لافي الظاهر فالظاهر أن النزاع لفظي ، إذالقائلون بإسلامهم يريدون ماذكرناه من الحكم بصحة جريان أكثر أحكام المسلمين عليهم في الظاهر لاأنهم مسلمون في نفس الامر ، ولذا نقلوا الاجماع على دخولهم النار ، وإن أرادوا بذلك كونهم كافرين ظاهرا وباطنا فهو ممنوع ولا دليل عليه بل الدليل قائم على إسلامهم ظاهرا لقوله صلى الله عليه وآله : امرت أن اقاتل الناس حتى يقولوا لا إله إلاالله ، انتهى كلامه رفع مقامه

translation :

"And knows, that a group among the scholars declared that the opponents (the non-twelvers) are non-believers and that the majority declared that they are Moslem.
If the upholders of the first opinion (those who declare non-twelvers as non-believers) mean there they are non-believers in reality -fi nafs al amr- but not seemingly then the debate is a terminological debate because those who declare that they (non-shia) are Moslem, want to say what there what we have already evoked that is to say most of the visible rules of the Islam are applied to them in apparent domains, But on no account these last ones (the group of the scholars who declare non-shia as "Moslems") claimed that they were Moslem in reality (fi nafs al amr, this expression signify the truth, the essence of something) and for that reason they [ these scholars] brought back (reported) the unanimous opinion that they [non-shia] will go to hell for eternity.

And if (always the upholders of the first opinion) mean there that they [non-shia] are non-believers seemingly and in reality then, then it is not possible because there is no proof coming to support it.

But rather the proofs show that they (non-shia) are Moslem seemingly, as shows it the remarks of the Prophet saws "I was ordered to fight people until they say ' la ilaha illa allah".


Here we are, know that for Shia you are a sort of " apparent Moslems " (a sort of mutants). That arranges them well to say it in front of the Sunni, just to attract hearts and to inject their propaganda but in reality we are non-believers.

Never forget that brothers and sisters...

Allahumma Salli 3ala Muhammad wa 3la Ahlihi wa sahbihi taybeen.

Wa Assalamu Aleykum wa Bahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu
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