Offering of namaz in near graves and in graveyard

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Offering of namaz in near graves and in graveyard

Post  Shahzad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:21 am

قلت) لابن القاسم هل كان مالك يوسع أن يصلي الرجل وبين يديه قبر يكون سترة له قال كان مالك لا يرى بأسا بالصلاة في المقابر وهو إذا صلى في المقبرة كانت القبور بين يديه وخلفه وعن يمينه وشماله (قال) وقال مالك لا بأس بالصلاة في المقابر قال وبلغني أن بعض أصحاب النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كانوا يصلون في المقبرة

Translation: I said to ibn al qasim( may allah bless him) did imam malik bin anas may allah be please with him use to give space (alowance) to a person who offers salat and in front of him is grave or as a sutra for him he said imam malik bin anas he used to not see any problem in salat which was among graves and that person who whenever tried to offer his salat in gravesite and the graves were in front of him and in back of him and on right of and in left of him. he said(imam ibn alqasim) imam malik bin anas said there is no problem or disliking in offering inbetween graves and imam malik also said it has reached me a narration that some of the companions of prophet used to offer salat in grave site.

. For reference please to modawana tul kubra
المدونة الكبري للامام مالك ابن انس
this book is narrated word to word by his disciples the first is imam abur rahman ibn alqasim who remained to be his student for 20 years then imam ibn wahad narrated from him
This is book is the core and backbone of malakiya المذهب المالكية في اهل السنة و الجماعة
the second book is muwatta of imam malik which authentic hadith book with respect to shortness in asnads (lines of narators) and due to this speciality it is considered more authentic than sihah sitaa according to asool ul hadith laws and priciples
inshallah i will gather from all of the jurisprudence schools for issues of graves although i just coded this one because we might not read this problem before
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