The Bible / Qur'aan Nothing But Egyptiam Stories ?

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The Bible / Qur'aan Nothing But Egyptiam Stories ?

Post  Shahzad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:25 am

The Bible / Qur'aan Nothing But Egyptiam Stories ? .... proof that all the stories in the Torah , New Testament And Koran are nothing more than plagiarized Egyptian mysteries ... For centures , many have believed in what they thought to be a '' divine inspiration from God ' called the Bible ( which means little book '' from the Latin word '' Biblos ) . They based their entire existence on this '' good ol ' book , fought many wars , and destroyed many covilization in the name of their beliefs , not knowing that the Bible is not some mystical Holy book , but rather a compilation of historic events that were charted in Egyptian text and distorted to meet the desires of men .

What are the stories of the Egyptian mysteries ? It is the written account on a Neter '' deity '' named Amun , who was the end or descending point of the triad deities , as in Atum , the beginning or asceding , and Atun , the height and then Amun , the descending . The monotheistic religions namely Mosesism , called many things , broken up into many Sects and Denominations , Judaism ot those who live under the law of the Tanakh or Torah , Talmud , Mishnah Christian , called many things , broken up into many Sects and Denominations , Christianity or those who live under the law of the Apocrypha and the Four Synoptic Gospels , and Muslims , called many things , broken up into many Sects and Denominations , Islam ,

or those who live under the law of the Qur'an and the Hadith , were all grafted from Egyptian mysteries . Judaism in it totality is borrowed from Egyptian mysteries and it in turn gave birth to Christianity , which gave birth to Islam , It all was grafted from the Egyptian

( Tama - Rean ) mysteries . For instance , a group of Spiritual Beings , who accompany Deities called Enneads are what they refer to as the Arch Angels , An example of one such is the Angel Gabriy'el ; an Aramic Hebrew word meaning '' Messenger of el '' , which breaks into the triad of Geb - Ra - El , Ma - Ka - El ( Michael ) , or Abraham which reads ; Geb - The Earth Neter Ra - Sun Deity El - Elul ( the source ) Ma - Water Ka - Spirit El - Elul ( the source ) Ab - Heart Ra - Sun deity Ham - Blackness

As you can see these so-called Biblical names are actually from Egyptian ( Tama - Rean ) origin , The whole concept of the '' trinty '' began way before the start of what you call Christianity today . and its many Sects and cults . If you look closely , you will realize that Asaru ( Osiris ) , Aset ( Isis ) , and Haru ( Horus ) - is none other than God , the Father , The Holy Son and the Blessed Mother . Body , Soul , and Spirit was the birth of all triads or trinities . Each deity in the trinity is said to be for enternity . If you look at the entire concept of the Jesus of the New Testament , you can clearly see it is but subtle Egyptian Mysteries , it is the story of Haru ( Horus ) , the son of Aset ( Isis ) ; who Jesus and Mary symbolized . Let's examine the Story , The birth of Jesus by '' The Virgin Mary '' was from a '' miraculous conception '' , with the help of a Holy Ghost or '' Spirit of God '' , who gave birth to the '' son of God '' ( Luke 1 ; 26 - 34 ) , Luke 1 ; 26 - 34 , And I Quote ; And in the sixth month the ( angel ) Gabrial was sent from God unto a city of Galilee ( name ) Nazareth , Verse 27 . To a ( virgin -- espoused ) to a man whose name was Joseph , of the ( house ) of David ; and the virgin's name was Mary Verse 28 . And the angel came in unto her , and said . ( Hail ) thou that art ( highly favored ) the Lord is with thee ; ( blessed ) art thou among women . Verse 29 . And when she saw him , '' she was trouble at his saying and ( cast in her mind ) what manner of salutation this should be . Verse 30 . And the angel said unto her , ( Fear ) not , Mary ; for thou ( hast found favor ) with God . Verse 31 . And , behold , thou shalt conceive in thy womb , and bring forth a ( son ) and shalt call his name JESUS . Verse 32 . He shall be great , and shall be called the Son of the Highest ; and the Lord . God shall give unto him the throne of his ( father ) David ; Verse 33 . And he ( shall reign ) over the ( house ) of Jacob forever ; and of his ( kingdom ) there shall be no ( end ) . Verse 34 . Then said Mary unto the angel How shall that be ; seeing I ( know ) not a man ? .... After his birth the angel Gabriy'el tells Joseph to flee from the hands of Herod who sought to kill the baby Jesus ( Matthew 1 ; 20 ) . Matthew 1 ; 20 , And I Quote ; But while he thought on these things . behold , the ( angel ) of the Lord ( appeared ) unto him in a dream , saying , Joseph , thou son of David ( fear ) not ( to take unto ) thee Mary thy wife ; for that ( which is conceived ) in her is the Holy Ghost . .... This Jesus stayed in Egypt until he was at the age of Twelve , and then came back and preached in the Temple ( Luke 2 ; 41 - 49 ) . Luke 2 ; 41 - 49 , And I Quote ; Now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the ( passover ) . Verse 42 . And when he was twelve years old , they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast . Verse 43 . And when they ( had fulfilled ) the days , as they returned , the child Jesus ( tarried behind ) in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it . Verse 44 . But they , supposing him to have been in the company ( went ) a day's ( journey ) , and they sought him among their kinsfolk and ( acquaintance ) . Verse 45 . And when they found him not , they turned back again to Jerusalem , seeking him , Verse . 46 . And it came to pass , that after three days they found him in the ( temple ) sitting in the ( midst ) of the ( doctors ) both hearing them , and asking them ( question ) . Verse 47 . And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and ( answering ) . Verse 48 . And when they saw him . they were amazed ; and his mother said unto him , ( Son ) why ( hast ) thou thus ( dealt ) with us ? behold , thy ( father ) and I ( have sought ) thee sorrowing . Verse 49 . And he said unto the , How is it that ye sought me ? ( wist ) ye not that I must be about my ( Father business ) ?

Now let's examie the story of Haru ( Horus ) . and his mother Aset ( Isis ) . Aset and her sister Nephthys , searched for the pieces to Asaru's ( Osiris ) body , with sutukh ( Set ) , the brother of Asaru . had chopped into 14 pieces , and threw in the Nile . Aset with her magic along with the help of the Neter Anubu ( Anubis ) , resurrected Asaru ( Osiris ) , for his last seed and gave birth to the '' immaculate conception ' of Haru ( Horus ) . He remained in the swamps of the delta until he was old enough to defeat , Sutukh ( Set ) . Those soldiers who were being ruled with an iron hand left Sutukh ( Set ) . and fought with Haru ( Horus ) , because of fought with Haru ( Horus ) , because of loyalty to Asaru's ( Osiris ) . Notice the similarities between the Two Stories . They are one and the same . When Europeans came in Egypt and invaded the land , they stole the Text , Distorted , and Plagiarized the Egyptian Mysteries in favor of men , not God . In the Monotheistic triad of Mosesism , Christism , and Islamism they created the fear that if you do wrong you will Burn Up , this way you stay in a constant state of Guilt , and Fear , keeping you from becoming Divine . The different Monotheistic schools of thought teach you to stay in the light . They tell you that darkness is ignorance , yet the God that created the light was in darkness before the light . You will see your Bible story of void and darkness , in Genesis ( find meaning of word 1 ; 2 - 5 .

Genesis 1 ; 2 - 5 . And I Quote . And the earth ( was without form ) and void ; and ( darkness ) was upon the face of the deep . And the ( Spirit ) of God ( Move ) upon face of the waters . Verse 3 . And God said , ( Let there be light ) and there was light . Verse 4 . And God ( saw ) the light , that it was ( good ) and God ( divided ) the light from the darkness . Verse 5 . And God called the light ( Day ) and the darkness he ( called Night ) . And the ( evening ) and the ( morning ) were the first day . ...... And the coming forth of light because it starts with Nun . the eternal ocean that filled the universe . Make note that a portion of Genesis 1 ; 1 was intentionally taken out . Most people are not informed that 6 verses of the book of Jeremiah 4 ; 23 - 28 .

Jeremiah 4 ; 23 - 28 . And I Quote ; I ( beheld ) the ( earth ) and lo , it was ( without form ) and ( void ) and the ( heavens ) and they had no ( light ) . Verse 24 . I ( beheld ) the mountains , and lo, they ( trembled ) and all the hills ( moved lightly ) . Verse 25 . I ( beheld ) , and , lo , there was no ( man ) and all the birds of the heavens were fled . Verse 26 . I ( beheld ) , and , lo , the fruitful place was a wilderness , and all the cities thereof ( were broken down ) at the presence of the Lord , and by fierce anger . Verse 27 . For thus hath the Lord said , The whole land ( shall be desolate ) yet ( will ) I not ( make ) a ( full end ) . Verse 28 . For this shall the earth mourn , and the heavens above ( be black ) ; because I ( have spoken ) it , I ( have purposed ) it , and ( will ) not ( repent neither will ) I ( turn back ) from it . .... Were intentionally taken out of Genesis 1 ; 1 , You can see the Verses were inserted into Jeremiah , because if you remove it , you will see that the text itself was written differently from the rest of the book of Jeremiah . When these same Verses ( Jeremiah 4 ; 23 - 28 ) are restored to their proper place ( Genesis 1 ; 1 ) it reads this way .... when the great wind removed the waters , the waters subsided . Then land appeared ( Genesis 1 ; 9 ) . the great hill or mountain on which stood the great Neter Atum , the sun god .... These are the Ancient Mysteries . Now think , what is more Omnipresent - the light that is confined within space . within a sphere or the darkness that is infinite in the boundless universe . The darkness of the universe of course . You can see light in darkness . but you cannot see darkness in light . Thus light is an illusion . So when the Greeks set out to interpret the Egytian ( Tama - Rean ) mysteries , they said darkness is Chaos , Barrenness , and Destruction . In this reverse doctrine as taught through religion . you are lured into the conflict of brothers Sutukh ( Set ) , being the brother of Asaru ( Osiris ) . being jealous when Asaru was given ruler ship over the earth .

It was the Monotheistic Religions who exalted this rivalry . The very word Monotheists ; 'Monos , the greek of Sarcasm ' , and 'Thehos . the deity of Theories ' , means 'Sarcastic Theories '' , which is the foundation of religious beliefs . which resulted in Rivalry. The Egyptians , who were The Master Of Recorders ; Kept Very Accurate Records Of Our - Story . throughout time , Etched In Stone In Many Tablets , Temples , And Scrolls . < No Where On The Walls Of Egypt Can You Ever Find The Stories Of Moses , Abraham , Jesus Or Muhammad , the way it found in the Torah , Koran or Bible ; However You Will Find Stories Of The Pharaoh's And Egypt . The Jews Stole It From Egyptians Who Borrowed It From The Chaldeans . Who Borrowed It From The Sumerians . Who Got It From The Nuwbuns ( Ptahites ) The Christians Stole It From The Jews , And The Muslims Stole It From The Christians . These stories were changed as Ancient Egypt ( Tamma - Re ) was invaded by different tribes ; the Sumerians , who crossed over the Tigriss Euphrates , who were your Chaldeans , your Mizraimites , Kishites , Syrians , Phoenicians , and eventually the Greek , and Romans creating the 46 Dynasty Etc . As the stories passed down through different cultures , different names were applied to our original Egyptian Ancestors . The world has been exposed to the 46 Dynasty as Egypt ( Tamma - Re ) when in actuality the Egyptian ( Tamma - Re ) culture , the Ptahites , who were called Ta or Tah , were on Earth first ; '' The Bush People predates the Sumerian culture , and is the soure of all Knowledge and Culture we know today


It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So .

Qur'aan 17 ; 81
And Say The Facts Beyond And Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish In Time .
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RE:The Bible / Qur'aan Nothing But Egyptiam Stories ?

Post  glyph on Tue May 24, 2011 11:01 am

grafted, borrowed, stolen, or...continuity?
Very good work, to be sure. It is the call of our time to understand these ancient stories and their relevance to our modern world. I'm writing a reply (years after...) to propose a different perspective concerning the same data you site in this article. Had the concept of continuity occurred to you? These stories, as you've dissected them, do they not grow, one from another, an evolution? You us words like borrowed, stolen, grafted...but can you not see the reality that the study of comparative religion is the study of the evolution of consciousness.

"For centures , many have believed in what they thought to be a '' divine inspiration from God ' called the Bible ( which means little book '' from the Latin word '' Biblos ) . They based their entire existence on this '' good ol ' book , fought many wars , and destroyed many covilization in the name of their beliefs , not knowing that the Bible is not some mystical Holy book , but rather a compilation of historic events that were charted in Egyptian text and distorted to meet the desires of men . "

This will never make sense to one who imagines a god that is anything less than the sum total of all sentient life. We cannot overcome spiritual impasse by using the same methods of thought that brought us to the same that created it,yea? Your reasoning here is the very emulation of the type of reasoning that makes one believe that there is some difference between the Godheads, other than those that reflect the evolution of the collective consciousness of a people. My friend, nothing was stolen, borrowed or grafted, these are the re-tellings, over and again, of the event(s) of the ancient past, the recapitulations, the sequence, the living perennial wisdom itself. Before the book (biblos) there were oral traditions, stories. At the time of the emergence of writing, of the written word, of literacy and creativity; of course human creativity would color the traditional legends, you are failing to see the larger reality of prophecy and the revelations of the Mystics of times past. This was written some time ago, there's certainly more accessible information today than in '09. Maybe you have come to different conclusions. I felt the need to reach out to you. You seem highly intelligent and diligent in your research, but miss the bigger picture. These impasses you are shining a light on, they are simply challenges to our logic, to our thinking. Thinking alone is not sufficient. Thinking and feeling (intuition) in equal measure give one the potential for true spiritual discernment. If you spend all of you time struggling with the weeds in this great garden, you cannot prosper, you must grow something greater, something strong enough that no weed can encroach. Do not seek to 'de-bunk' but seek truth.

"The very word Monotheists ; 'Monos , the greek of Sarcasm ' , and 'Thehos . the deity of Theories ' , means 'Sarcastic Theories '' , which is the foundation of religious beliefs ."

This is simply inaccurate. Monos (greek lex-alone, only, undivided), Theos, (greek lex-a god or goddess, a general name of deities or divinities), so, translated (as per usual), One God, or the God Who Stands Alone. Also, the reference to the Greek archetype of sarcasm, tell me my friend as you do seem quite learned; is our world not made of puns, is not the whole of these Holy Writings in a multi-faceted lexicon that transcends culture and bias?

This kind of writing only serves to divide further. To be critical is wise, but to turn away from higher realities is nothing less than the meaning of what was called sloth in the old books. There is, to be sure, a current, an impulse moving through us as we rise, fall and evolve culturally. The tales are literal, and yet they are at the same time, the sequence, the understanding of things unknowable in their full brevity but communicable through legend and lore. This culminates in our current age, where all of these stories, legends and prophecies merge once again. We have been here before, recapitulation is the way of things. The Esoteric teachings, the once occluded mysticism is now available, in fact it is the silent caterwaul, the Logos returned that is involved now, for any with eyes to see and ears to hear, the truth is written on everything. albeit with a great deal of counter-intelligence, largely from the Vatican and her minions, what was once the source of power by withheld knowledge of our origins, our heritage, our potential; this is now 'common' knowledge. Time, though, so much time has passed since the relevancy of these things were considered, that so few seek, and fewer yet get past the paradoxical written word of theologies past.

I hope this reaches you, and I do hope I've made some sense. It's a very heavy topic and I could hear in your writings a longing to know, to understand, but your method will not bring you truth. These writing can only be known in their truth as writing of men, trying to comprehend the same things we are trying to comprehend. We are better to 'steal, borrow, or graft' what we ourselves discern of the higher realities, the books only serve as what has gone before you. Have no illusions, prophecy is born of a sentience greater than all of us and these books, yes, they certainly are the work of God, what else could they be, for what else is there?
In Christo vivimus
murmur et sumus.


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