Lifestyle Membership Management South Africa has got Style

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Lifestyle Membership Management South Africa has got Style

Post  CapeTown on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:05 pm


This is about LMM or Lifestyle Membership Management. Few months ago I was invited to become a member of Lifestyle Membership Management or LMM. To start with, I wasn’t too sure but today I can assure you – it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Lifestyle Membership Management is an exclusive closed user club which operates in South Africa. Members of LMM have unlimited access to various benefits and services from huge discount shopping deals on appliances, toys, audio, home entertainment systems, clothing, jewellery to bond management, holiday packages & insurance deals.
It’s pretty cool to be a member, because it doesn’t end there, 24/7 help desk service is one of the best inventions I have ever come across. They can negotiate about anything on your behalf & get the best price for you!
I started as an agent. I sold few LMM memberships to people I was working with in a hotel, which gave me a pretty good starting point. Since I joined Lifestyle Membership Management, I have made more R than I could ever make by doing my work in hotel.
Surely, you need to put some time and energy to succeed, but it’s the same with everything you do in life.

Drop me a line, if this has made you curious at


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