Another White House Boys Child Abuse Victim Comes Forward

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Another White House Boys Child Abuse Victim Comes Forward

Post  Shahzad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:50 am

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Another victim has stepped forward in a state investigation into brutal child abuse at a state school for boys.

67 year old minister Charles Rambo was sent to the Marianna Dozier School for Boy in 1955. Rambo was giving a hundred lashes with a leather strap in the White House, a building staff used to beat students. A group of former students calling themselves the White House Boys began telling their stories late last year. Rambo said all the students had it bad, but almost every black student was abused.

“I believe others are coming forward. But when you hear the White House Boys, all I see is the whites, and I’m not discrediting anything, that they said, but I didn’t see an African American. I did not see me. Anyone I can identify with,” said Rambo.

Some of the White House Boys say they saw one black student put into a dryer. Others say several black students were taken to the White House for beatings and were never seen again. The state is trying to find out if 32 unidentified graves behind the school hold any clues to the alleged deaths.

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